Rhonda's Rescue

I have just finished quilting this great double sided quilt for my customer Rhonda. Not only did it turn out great, this one has a bit of a story to it.

In this photo you get a pretty good look at the butterfly motif that is all over the quilt.

 Rhonda is a prolific sewer. She keeps me busy all on her own and all her quilts are double sided (because she makes that many tops). She was a high school teacher and is now retired and confesses she had a bit of a stash habit, buying lots of fabrics from sites when they are on sale.
But I think the most amazing thing about this quilt is that it's not new. Rhonda has so many quilts which she gives to family and friends. This one was one of a bundle that was returned to her by one of her friends who has gone up North and doesn't really need quilts any more and it was a bit tired, but really only lightly used. So Rhonda pulled the whole thing apart and gave the tops to me to 'do my magic' as she calls it. It has had a whole new life breathed into it ready for another family. I think her daughter has already claimed it. I know they will be happy. The computerised quilting really has brought it up a treat.

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  1. Love the butterfly motif! You're right, your new quilting has really spruced this one up. I'm sure Rhonda''s daughter will love it :)

    1. Thanks very much Louise. I sure hope she does. i;m just so glad something old got a new life.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog, you are a no-reply person so I popped over to say Hi. Love this quilt, such beautiful work. Glad that it has a good home too.

    1. Oh Jo, I don't even know what no reply means... i guess I have a lot to learn. Thank you very much for popping in. I hope to become more active in blogs now.

  3. Fantastic to see an old quilt taking on fresh new life... that's the creative cycle at its best.
    Alison x


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