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Long Absence

I had totally forgotten I had this blog. With all my excitement over the adult colouring book movement and getting caught up with making my own colouring books with a German company, i did no journalling really.

Yesterday i pulled out an A3 sketch book which I had only done the title page in and decided the best way to practice some calligraphy was to just go for it.

So I created this
I can see i need to work on my slope. But it wasn't too bad for years of inactivity.
The tangle patterns are some i created and I call them; garland (the pink border on the top), Cariposa (the purple butterfly snails), softly (with the pink circles and purple flourishes) and Peasley (in reds).

I need to do more journalling. I need to do it for myself. I find it so comforting. And perhaps the quotes I often use will actually sink in one day.