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Hex Quilt Flimsy

well the top of the quilt is done

I'm happy with the way it turned out, and I'm happy it's done...well the top is. I plan to put it on my quilting frame over Christmas to do a custom job.
And so on to the next one. I've been doing embroidery for a friendship quilt I'm making with a friend in Canada. I had my first go at crewel embroidery and I'm happy with how it turned out - which is good because I have a long term plan to make a piece of clothing with lots of it on there.
That lotus is part of a larger embroidery piece which I will show when it is done - it will go on a quilt eventually.
Thanks for reading.

Middle of the hex quilt

So the hand sewn hex part is all done.
Tomorrow I will be adding the coloured border and the appliqued corners and I will decide if I want to do any more borders, or call it quits.