Art on Fabric

I am so excited!
My samples finally arrived.
These are from spoon flower where I have been able to put my artwork onto fabric.

The small berry like pattern in a vine is actually the art work of my friend in Canada Linda Kinsella. She was the one who gave me the inspiration to start this project, and she will be working with me too.
So the idea is to put our art on fabric (printed here on 8x8 samples, but will eventually been on fabric in yardage). And we will each sew some blocks, then swap half of them and make a quilt each.
I am also designing the quilt (haven't gotten that far quite yet.

I ordered the samples to make sure the quality was OK - to test it by sewing, washing and quilting them to make sure they were just like the fabric in the shops.

So far so good, I threw a few commercially available fabrics in the mix to go with our very busy fabrics....
...and then quickly sewed up a checkerboard piece...
I'm sure happy with this and I can't wait to design the single size quilt and to buy the fabric in yards (there are more than these designs, these were just the ones I stated out with to test).

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  1. How lovely to see your own designs in fabric form - they look fabulous as part of the patchwork.
    Alison x

    1. thank you Alison, I hope to do more when time and funds allow


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