Semi Colon Butterfly

Well I've been AWOL again, but for a good reason. I've been at TAFE (Technical and Further Education - the Australian version of community college) learning to be a Medical administrator. I wish I didn't have to go work outside the home again, but the house is falling into disrepair without my extra wage to count on.

But I am still stitching, even if I haven't been posting.

I just finished work on my first semi colon butterfly for a quilt I'm making with my Canadian friend Linda. We are both doing some and then swapping half the blocks.

I designed the semi colon butterfly after seeing many tattoos on the subject. And my daughter is getting one tattooed for her 18th birthday.

The semi colon project is an incentive to educate the public and support those with mental health issues to help prevent suicide.

When writing a story, the author uses the semi colon as a pause, but doesn't finish a sentence, continuing on instead. So the semi colon has become a symbol for suicide prevention. The person tattoos themself with a semi colon as a promise to continue on; their story is not yet done.

More information can be found here:

Linda and I also like the symbol of the butterfly which can be a metaphor for coming out of a cocoon or a messenger over long distance.

So here is my semi colon butterfly.
If you want the pattern just ask, though I hope to publish it in Patchwork and stitching magazine as part of the bigger project - the quilt.


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