This double page is in my art journal, but is kind of a mix of art journaling and scrapbooking, as i wanted something a bit quick because for me the most important bit of this page is the writing (which I hadn't done when this photo was taken).
On this page i wrote all the things I am proud to have achieved up to this date. There were big things on it like having a book published in Germany and some small things like 'I'm proud I am much better at finishing things now that I am older'. I used to be terrible at starting stories or art projects, or quilts, or embroideries and never finishing anything. Don't get me wrong. i still have UFOs but there are less of them and they have a MUCH higher chance of being discovered or my passion rekindled and the thing getting finished. make this page I used some scrapbooking paper, tore it in half, stencilled in a few layers in a colour to match the purple bird and flower on the paper, stamped a few messy circles in a darker colour and then went crazy with paper flower embellishments and one 3D butterfly sticker. The whole thing from finding the materials to completion took about 45 minutes which was just what I wanted.

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