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Hello 2018

Happy New Year!I finished some great projects last year, and I have some new ones already on the go. I thought I'd show some photos of what I am working on, which illustrates perfectly why this can't be a quilting blog or a painting blog, or whatever.
Just recently finished: An art journal for my friend Linda in Canada. I have utilised book making skills, quilting, textile painting, stenciling and beading
Also for Linda in Canada, a crochet scarf.
Just for fun, a watercolour. The design isn't mine, it comes from a Dover colouring book  (Ed Sibbert jr) and I traced it onto watercolour paper to experiment.
And this is what I am working on currently: A peyote beading project which was supposed to go on my Christmas tree, but probably won't hand there this year as it's taking longer than I thought. But I'll finish it even though the tree will go down so I don't lose momentum on it (it's quite a complicated pattern for me)
This colouring jigsaw which I gave to…