Hello there dear blog reader.
My name is Jennidee Mills and I am obsessively creative. I quilt and design quilting patterns for my income, but I have so many other creative pursuits that it's hard to keep track of them all.
I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil and my mother called me the paper monster because the paper in our house disappeared so fast she was sure I was eating it.

Fast forward to today. Textiles and paper compete for my favourite medium to work with.
This blog will be about paper.
I have a blog about my textiles here,

if you wish to have a peek at that part of my life.

I have been journalling since I was 11. I started out diary writing, added scrapbooking when I was 15 and have recently discovered art journalling.

My diaries and scrapbooks are full of my sketches anyway, so they could be considered art journals too.

But this blog will be about the purest form of art journalling.

This is probably my first art journal page.

I created it about a week ago using 12 by 12 white card stock, ink, a few stencils, letter stamps, gold embossing powder and a jounralling pen.
I need to work on my photo taking, so I'm not sure if you can read the heading. it says Family Talents. and in each of the stars I've listed a family member (right down to my great grandfather) and listed their particular talents.

I have a few pages left in this 12 by 12 scrapbook, then I will be switching to an A5 art journal for 2015.

Please come along with me for the journey ... I'd love company.


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