Experimenting and Critics

I hated this page yesterday, that's why I wrote 'an art journal is experimenting and playing' at the bottom of the page. Then I looked at it again this afternoon and saw some possibilities. I added the dark brown flower stencil and I felt it brought the page together. Now I'm very happy with it.
We are certainly our own worst critics a lot of the time.
Yesterday my daughter was drawing and she had done a brilliant job of copying a character she loves. But she threw her hands up in disgust and marched out of the room because the face wasn't right. I let her go. Then half an hour later I brought the drawing to her WITHOUT the image she had been copying from and told her to look at it again. She smiled and said that actually it wasn't that bad a drawing. I pointed out the amazing tiny hands she had drawn and she smiled even wider.

So i guess the lesson is to sometimes walk away from things and look again with fresh eyes later. things don't always turn out as we hope or expect ... but that doesn't always mean they are rubbish.



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