Progress and One Month Goal

I'm making steady progress on my hexagon quilt now. Here is today's offering, an orange hex flower

And here is one row of flowers, plus cream/white row plus the four hex flowers I have yet to add (so you can see total progress);

But this project actually has nothing to do with my one month goal. For that I have another pile of fabric;

June 26th is my wedding anniversary. My husband has been asking for a new supporters quilt. His old one is looking very tired. So my goal for June is to turn this bundle of fabric into an Essendon (AFL) quilt. I plan to use the bomber plane emblem as a large applique (satin stitched on the machine) ...probably with the red as the background.

I hope I can get it done as I would like it to be a surprise, so i can't work on it while he is at home.
Wish me luck.

And go check out the other monthly goals here;

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  1. Good luck with making the surprise! I like your hexies.


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