I'm currently sewing hexagon 'flowers' together to make a new quilt. The plan is to sew lots of different colour ways of this tri colour arrangement.

 I'm sewing them in rows and then spacing them with a row of white/ cream hexagons.

I'm thinking i'll custom quilt it with feathers and other fun stuff. But that will depend on how my back feels at the time as custom quilting is seriously hard on my back.

I get one of these flowers done every few days, so this is a slow process, even though they are large hexagons (three inch sides). I don't think I will ever do one of those tiny "insanity" hexagon quilts. This suits me for now as I do it while having the TV on in the background (usually something like a cop show my husband is watching).

This project will probably take a good few months to complete the top.


  1. Hi Jenni, stopping by from Whoop Whoop Friday. Looks like the hexagons are fairly large so you can cover some ground! I think I have the very same pink leaf fabric.

  2. That was the idea... large hexagons for a quicker finish LOL. Thanks for stopping by. That fabric was a mother's day present :)


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