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I've had a long absence while I lived at Facebook LOL
I struggled for a long time as I kept bouncing between quilting, colouring, and art works.
well recently I've had an epiphany!

This is my blog and it should reflect me... not cater to an audience.

And as I am constantly creatively will be the content of my blog.

So I apologize if you only read quilting blogs, or only read mixed media blogs....or whatever.

From now on I will blog about whatever I am doing.

Over the weekend I finished a baby quilt for a lady at my husband's work whose baby shower is on Friday. It took 4 days to make. I'm pretty pleased with that. It wasn't tiny either. The pattern said crib sized, but I think it is too big for a cot. It is just a bit short on a single bed. But never mind. I'm sure the baby will enjoy rolling around on this on the floor looking at the bright colours.

And today I finished a personal colouring page for a lady in America. She asked for...a male angel, an electric guitar, fishing, carpenters tools and initials carved into a tree. It was quite hard to put it all in one picture. But she was thrilled with the result and even said the angel looks like her brother when he was young (the page is for her brother Bill).

Lets hope I can come back to blogging regularly. I 've missed reading what creative people are up to.
See you next time


  1. I love the quilt!!! Good job on getting it done so fast and the quilting is beautiful. welcome back to blogging.

    1. Thanks Dona, I don't plan on doing one quite so quick for a while. But it was nice to have a quick finish. Let's hope I can keep up the blogging now.

  2. Beautiful quilt! And good for you for writing about what's important to YOU. This is my first time visiting your blog, following the Whoop Whoop link. Your coloring page is really cool. I had no idea there were artists who drew them to specific requests like this. Do you have an Etsy site for that?

    1. Thanks very much Louise. Yes I have an ETSY shop here;

      I know I will write more now that I've decided to just go with my daily flow. I change my activities several times a week. Thanks so much for dropping by.

  3. Yay! Love your epiphany - and I couldn't agree more about your blog being allowed to be your blog... and also very happy that you're not going to live at Facebook only any longer... I'm a fairly rabid anti-Facebooker, so I'm sticking to the blogs even if everybody else disappears eventually!
    Alison x


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