Faces and Gelli

So, I have been practising with my new Gelli Plate.
I still need to work out a few things, like what colours look best over others and how to do layering prints without it getting too over done pattern wise.

But here are two that I rather liked from my efforts.

I think I've worked out which of my stencils work best for the printing. And I would like to try making some masks of my own.

I've also started a drawing challenge this weekend ... 43 faces in 43 days. I chose that particular number because I just turned 43. :)
Her is my first face, drawn yesterday. Not all of the faces will be turned into journal pages that I will share. Some of them may just be sketches as the idea is to practice facial features, head angels and hair styles. I think I'll do another challenge after that to do bodies.
To make this journal page I used one of my own print blocks.
 I make these by drawing into foam sheets.
If you would like a print block like this. I think I will sell them at ETSY for $7
Or if you would like a print, I can sell those for $2.50 each.
For the journal page above, I printed in a dark red on the Gelli plate, and then went over the lines with a white paint pen.

Thanks so much for reading


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