To my dear followers. I'm so excited you have chosen to follow my journey. Thank you very much for your views and especially the comments which are always appreciated.

But even when I didn't have any followers I enjoyed art journalling. And this page is to celebrate that;
I changed the quote slightly. I said 'I want to MAKE beautiful things, even if no-one cares.'
When I saw the quote on Pinterest it felt so true I knew I had to add it to my art journal.

It's just pencils and a black felt tip pen. I didn't feel much like getting the paints out because 1. I'm working on a quilt for Sydney Quilt show and the deadline for entries is coming up, and 2. we have a new addition to out family.

Her name is Olivia Jigger (a Jigger Rabbit is a slang way of saying cat in Liverpool). We call her OJ or Ollie for short.

Olivia came to us from the RSPCA in Katoomba. My husband and my daughter drove up to get her on Saturday and she is quite the gorgeous distraction. She is curled up in the crook of husband's arms in this photo. We lost our cat 'Shankly' in October last year and my husband was really feeling the hole in his life. So Olivia has come to fill it up. It's a big hole to fill, but she is doing a great job already even though she is tiny.

Have a wonderful creative day


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