Project Life Challenge

I found the project life (journalling) blog and loved the idea, so i went ahead and completed a page using the prompts ... book text and Goal Keeper.
I've always wanted to try text under a face and this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go.
The artists associated with the blog produced their own pages and I watched their video tutorials and looked at their photo tutorials before starting the page.

Here is the result;
I am really happy with the outcome.
Materials used; old books for papers with text, acrylic paints, PVA glue, medium black marker, watercolour pencils, gold paint, lettering book used to reference the lettering.

This required lots of layering and it took a long time, but the effect it wonderful.
I've already layered the opposite page with text and paint ready to write my long term goals on (I'd already done a 2015 goal page (see below).

Thanks for looking


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