Life's Happy Moments

How ironic that Brenda at Bumblebees and Butterflies has used greens and butterflies in her page.
Without seeing her page, I've done the same.
Just like a butterfly this page went through a metamorphasis.
I thought I had finished the page ... I wasn't happy with it but I thought it was done.
Then, when I was working on the next page over, water spread from one page to the other and ruined it. So i painted over it with gesso (keeping the butterfly textures and the colours peeking through) and started again. Now I really like this page. So I suppose the disaster of the water from the rain page paid off in the end.

Thanks again to Brenda for her blog party. i am really enjoying seeing your journals.


  1. A beautiful page for your Happy Little Moments! The gesso has given this page wonderful added texture - another happy moment I think!! Chrisx

  2. thanks Chris, I neglected to mention I used texture paste through a stencil for the butterflies. But you can get the result with gesso I think.

  3. Yay for happy accidents Jenni, you have a wonderful page and I love your memory spots and the textures you have created. Thanks for sharing at a visual journey.
    hugs Brenda xx


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