Hello 2018

Happy New Year!

I finished some great projects last year, and I have some new ones already on the go.
I thought I'd show some photos of what I am working on, which illustrates perfectly why this can't be a quilting blog or a painting blog, or whatever.

Just recently finished:
An art journal for my friend Linda in Canada. I have utilised book making skills, quilting, textile painting, stenciling and beading

Also for Linda in Canada, a crochet scarf.

Just for fun, a watercolour. The design isn't mine, it comes from a Dover colouring book 
(Ed Sibbert jr) and I traced it onto watercolour paper to experiment.

And this is what I am working on currently:
A peyote beading project which was supposed to go on my Christmas tree, but probably won't hand there this year as it's taking longer than I thought. But I'll finish it even though the tree will go down so I don't lose momentum on it (it's quite a complicated pattern for me)

This colouring jigsaw which I gave to my daughter for Christmas and we are working on it together.

A quilt for a customer (which was supposed to be  Christmas present, but she gave it to me a few days before Christmas - then I got sick anyway. Luckily she didn't expect it to be done before the 25th. I had a Kidney infection, so no working through that). This quilt is custom, using rulers, so it's time consuming and hard on my back, so I can only work about half an hour before taking a break.

And that is only week one in January!

So I hope you can now see why I can't make this blog just about one thing. Well it is (kind of) it's all about creative things (and I haven't even mentioned the two books I'm working on as well).

I start a new job in a few days as a receptionist at Lawson Physiotherapy and Pilates (2 to 3 days a week), so things will slow down a bit....

But this is my arty life!

Tomorrow I will outline my long term goals for the year and list the projects I would like to work on (once I finish the ones above). I do like to finish things in one craft type before starting anything else in that type. So things do get done.

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring projects! It is great to see that creative people don't focus on just one form of art!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. And thanks so much for stopping by making a comment. I hope your year is fun and productive too


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